Volunteering Opportunities


Village Nurture is looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • Tutors

  • Mentors

  • Enrichment teachers (dance, music, STEM, STEAM, art, etc)

  • Counseling/peer support groups

  • Childcare

  • IEP/504 plan support & advocates

  • Transportation to/from medical and educational meetings

  • Supply drop offs

  • Fundraising support

  • Outreach 

  • Technology support

  • Translation

  • Paperwork help

  • Supply donations

  • And MORE!!

If you have a strength or skill that you would like to bring to the Village Nurture JOIN OUR COMMUNITY and post on the Volunteer Skillshare board or respond to a post for help in on of the forums.  If you have any questions about volunteering, please let us know by emailing us at villagenurture@gmail.com or calling us at (401)484-1551.